Posted by admin at March 15th, 2007

Back when I was at school we had a thing called The Courtesy Cup. Of course, at the time, I thought this was a pretty stupid thing. In fact, I remember deliberately being quite rude most of the time - positively taking pleasure in being rude actually. But recently, Ive found myself thinking about the courtesy cup alot.

And I found this on the web one afternoon:

Courtesy is: a virtue, is well-mannered behavior, courtly elegance and politeness of manners, graceful politeness or considerateness with others, nobleness, generosity, benevolence, goodness.

But somehow, along the line, courtesy seems to have become a dirty word. It’s not cool to be polite, it’s not cool to care about the well-being of others, it’s not cool to be nice. We’ve all become so cynical, so hard, so embittered and battle-scarred that to be courteous is seen as an act of weakness, as an undermining of the status quo.

Everyone’s so angry these days. They spit, swear and curse. They jostle each other in the street, on the tube…and who cares if someone gets hurt? As long as it’s not me.

I’d like to bring back the courtesy cup. I can appreciate its value now and I want to pass on that value to the bean.